Your brief to an agency specializing in the South of France

You’re looking for the help of an Events agency that specializes in organizing and managing corporate events in Provence or on the French Riviera. It is important that you let the agency know exactly what you want and the usual way to do this is by sending a comprehensive brief detailing your goals, expectations and any relevant concerns or constraints. This will allow the agency to tailor their proposal(s) to suit your requirements not just in terms of the destination, the venue and the facilities but also for the nitty-gritty of your event programme and/or any teambuilding activities that need to be included. 

The brief

This will usually be sent to the agency in the form of a detailed email, sometimes including documents that the client feels will help give the agency a better overview of their goals and requirements. A follow-up phone conversation can be very useful for expanding on ideas, clarifying points and agreeing potential options. Having all the necessary information at their disposal means the Events agency can really tailor research and the design of their proposal(s) in line with the client’s requests.

What to include in the brief

In an ideal world, the brief that you send to the agency will include detailed information about:

1. The type of event

Is it a strategy committee event for the company directors; a work seminar for everyone or just a selection of colleagues; a teambuilding event in the wake of a merger; a way of saying thank you to teams for achieving their annual targets; a product launch for customers or the press?

2. Event goals

What are the main reasons behind organizing this event? What are the key objectives and expectations?

3. How many participants? Who are they?

How many participants will there be at the event? What are their roles within the company/organization; their interests; their level of fitness for potential teambuilding sports activities; are they predominantly men or women; what are their age groups...?

4. Potential programme

How do you see the overall programme panning out? Where would you want to put the emphasis: work meetings with everyone attending or in sub-committees; teambuilding or motivational activities; more free time so that participants can get to know each other better; lunches and dinners at the hotel or beyond; gala evening ...?

5. Potential date(s)

Do you already have a specific date in mind for the event or can you be flexible? A certain level of flexibility will obviously mean that different hotel choices, meeting and entertaining venues can be proposed, depending on the availability of service providers.

6. Potential destination(s)

For an event in the South of France, are you thinking more along the lines of the luxurious and prestigious setting of the French Riviera or rather, the authentic and picturesque side of Provence? Are you looking to find accommodation and have your meetings in the heart of one of the region's major cities, close to an airport or a TGV station - Nice, Cannes, Marseille or Avignon, for example - or would you prefer a "green" location, in an Alpine resort, in the Camargue or in the Var backcountry?

7. Accommodation

What standard of hotel are you hoping for – 3, 4 or 5 star? Will participants be in individual rooms or sharing (2 single beds or double per room)?

8. Overall tenor

Bearing in mind the goals behind the event and the key messages you are seeking to put across to participants, what image and values do you want the potential programme, facilities and activities to highlight: prestigious and outstanding, charming and authentic, getting-away-from-it-all, original, ethical…?

9. Previous experiences

What were the strong and weak points of your previous events? Their context? Any feedback from participants? What kinds of teambuilding activities have participants already experienced (and should not therefore perhaps be included this time)?

10. Budget

What kind of budget do you envisage for this event? What price brackets have previous events fallen into by comparison? With this information the agency will be able to tailor their research into venues and service providers to better fit your expectations and budgetary requirements.

Would you like to receive a proposal from our agency for your next corporate event on the French Riviera or in Provence? Send us a brief with as much information as possible and we can design a proposal that matches your goals, expectations and requirements!