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High mountain meeting in the Ecrins

In the north of the Provence Riviera and Southern Alps region, the highest point of the Ecrins National Park is 4101 meters and the park covers more than 90,000 hectares. Wild high mountain kingdom, conservation area with thousand year old glaciers, it is the symbol of a different mountain approach marked by respect and admiration. On the edge of the Ecrins Massif National Park, just a few hundred yards from the legendary Col du Lautaret, the little village of La Grave nestles at the foot of the Meije (3982m), free ride skiing, mountaineering and mountain sport paradise. Winter and summer alike people come here to live at a pace of life where nature is supreme, unless you prefer to stay in a bigger ski resort such as Les 2 Alpes or Serre Chevalier.

5 good reasons for organising your meeting, incentive travel or team building event in the high mountains of the Ecrins Massif

  • Easy access from Paris: 3 hours by TGV to Grenoble and little more than an hour by road. From Marseille, no more than 4 hours by road

  • Comfortable accommodation in apartments with double rooms, sauna, equipped meeting room and good restaurants in the village of La Grave, or more classical in the big ski resorts

  • Variety and originality of activities, ideal for a snow and mountain coaching or team building event:  free ride ski tonic, introduction to ice climbing or snow kiting, or more peaceful backcountry skiing or snowshoeing with an evening in an igloo

  • In summer, mountain sports take over: mountain-biking, climbing, via ferrata, rafting, walks on a glacier and in the Ecrins National Park, or even an introduction to mountaineering, roped as a team to conquer an easy summit

  • Winter and summer, all our incentive activities are supervised by professional mountaineers and qualified, accredited instructors and guides

Our special favourites in the Ecrins Massif

  • The small valleys of Meije, an area devoid of buildings, no pylons scattered across the mountain pastures: only the cable car carries us to 3200 m for a 2000 m descent which remains unique in Europe. La Grave (1400 m) is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France

  • The Col du Lautaret in winter, and aerial ballet of snow kiters set against a backdrop of snowy mountain tops

  • The cosmopolitan "high mountain" atmosphere of La Grave: old local families live here but there are also Americans, Swedes, Canadians and Slovaks living here, all drawn by this place that they consider unique

  • The Great Baths of Monêtier, which opened in August 2008, offer a relaxing break in thermal waters heated to 37 C for an ideal relaxation and fitness session after sport or work

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Hotels, event venues & services

Massif des Ecrins

2000 m descent

Alongside your guide instructor, introduction to the techniques of free ride skiing for good skiers, and 2000 m descent from the small valleys of Meije surrounded by the rare beauty of wild landscapes

Climbing as a team

Discover as a team the simple and immense pleasure of climbing a summit, under the supervision of your guide. The spirit a roped team, being attentive to others, walking at the same pace so you arrive together, an unforgettable experience.

Snow kites and igloos

Introduction to snow kiting on the snowy slopes in the morning, lunch at a high altitude restaurant, introduction to ice climbing and night in a igloo, followed by unlimited mulled wine and a guaranteed convivial atmosphere!

Mountain-biking, rafting

In spring or summer, choose an orienteering course on mountain bikes, via ferrata or raft trip down river, or even all three to vary the enjoyment and increase team cohesion!