Evening and gala dinner in Cannes

A leader in the sector of online searches for luxury properties and homes called upon Longitude 7 to organize an evening event with a gala dinner in Cannes.

For our client, the aim of this gala dinner evening event in Cannes was to invite estate agents specializing in luxury accommodation in the region to a place where they could all meet in a relaxed setting, where the company could outline its On Line strategy and encourage them to use the site to communicate with each other.

To tempt this highly sought-after and demanding target audience, Longitude 7 carefully researched exclusively hiring a magnificent private villa on the hills above Cannes for the evening event: they organized the gala dinner as a cocktail reception created and presented by one of the region’s top decorated chefs. As perfect finishing touches to this magnificent evening and gala dinner in Cannes, a very talented pianist gave a private concert and a cocktail bar was open for guests.

The evening event was absolutely packed with guests and according to our clients the networking and contacts gathered were extremely promising: they were highly satisfied with the chosen venue and the overall organization of the gala dinner, the cornerstone of this fabulous evening event in Cannes.