Wine Casino evening & fun team activities

As part of their annual conference, an American Hi-tech company asked Longitude 7 to host a cocktail reception and a team building evening for around 200 “players” in the gaming rooms of a luxury hotel in Nice.

Having first been divided into teams of 10 and given a stash of casino chips, players tried hard the whole evening to stack up more chips in between tasting some petits fours, sipping a glass of Champagne and chatting to colleagues: blind wine tasting and challenging questions at Wine Casino tables, tasting regional cheeses and chocolate, plus going head-to-head with other players over some giant wooden puzzles and brainteasers….

Longitude 7 organized a relaxed dinner for the same group the following evening on a terrace overlooking the Old Town of Nice with panoramic views of the Promenade des Anglais and the iconic Baie des Anges.