Improvisation theater and Lip dub in Provence

 A consultancy asked Longitude 7 to organize entertainment for their team-building weekend in Provence, to help kick off the year.

Their goals were clear – to allow participants to get to know each other better and to learn more about themselves through humour and laughter and by coming together over a collective project.

Longitude 7 proposed a 2-step programme in Provence for participants based on theatre improvisation and the creation of a « Lip synch » video clip.

Divided into several groups and with the expert guidance of a professional director-coach, the 30 participants began by exploring improvisational theatre. The session was devised to build trust between participants and to help them learn how to let go and relax into what they were doing…vital for a successful improvisation. Fun and laughter was definitely the order of the day!

The next day, participants had the hysterical task of making a Lip Synch video clip. Shot in one continuous take using a steady cam to make sure that things stayed in focus despite everyone constantly moving around, this Lip Synch exercise in Provence had participants dubbing over a well-known song and ended up being a slick production from start to finish! Longitude 7 naturally provided all necessary accessories.

With imagination, creativity, the art of play-back and synergy, seamless sequences were created throughout the one-take shot: the entire team really got involved and produced a great Lip Synch video clip with everyone adding their own personal touch and sense of humour!

When the Lip Synch clip was played back everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and there was a lot of laughing. The bottom line? This conference set in Provence and centred on improvisational theatre and lip synch totally footed the bill, perfectly matching prescribed goals.