Rallye nautique
Rallye nautique
Rallye nautique

A nautical rally for incentive and team building

Want to head out to sea on a yacht, sea kayak or semi-rigid inflatable to explore the wild blue yonder, feel the thrill of being on the Mediterranean? Get on board a powerful and comfortable semi-rigid dinghy, a welcoming sailboat or any other means of navigation, sea-book in your hands and set sail on the breathtaking waters around the high rocky coves of Marseille, the Lérins isles, Cannes’ bay, the Gulf of St Tropez and the Var coastline.. Take part in a variety of fun and sport-based challenges on dry land and at sea ….Being based in the very heart of this beautiful region, Longitude 7 is perfectly poised to provide all the expertise you need to create an exceptional incentive or team building nautical rally on the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

5 good reasons to choose a nautical rally when planning your incentive or teambuilding programme in Provence-Côte d’Azur:

  • A rally in a Zodiac is the ideal way to explore small creeks, isles, beaches that reachable only by sea and other hidden jewels of the Mediterranean coastline: find your way around whilst completing a series of fun challenges that are bound to bring you together!

  • The theme, scenario and nautical rally challenges can be adapted to your company’s specific goal: launching a new product, putting across a particular message or simply inspiring team spirit

  • Fun challenges will alternate between water-based and land-based activities: orienteering races to hunt for clues and markers at sea, treasure hunts on land, water and land “Olympics”

  • The state-of-the-art semi-rigid dinghy is powerful and can accommodate between 8 and 10 people with a professional skipper at the helm

  • The sunny and clement climate of the Mediterranean shores lends itself to fabulous conditions virtually all year round for nautical rallies

Some of our favourite nautical rallies in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region:

  • “Zodiac Discovery.” 10 Zodiacs follow each other in a line from the pontoon of a convention hotel facing the bay of Marseille, ready to head off and explore the rocky coves

  • “Adrenalin Rush.” Feel the thrill of a full-throttle adventure on a semi-rigid, twin-engine dinghy with more than 200 CV. Break the waves as you make a high-speed arrival at an unspoilt creek at the foot of the red Estérel hills

  • “Sea Kayak Discovery.” Navigate into a splendid underwater cave of the Azure coastline and join in on the adventure to find clues to continue the rally

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Rallye nautique

Zodiac Rally

Teams head off in Zodiacs, each with a professional skipper and a sea-book, to compete in a series of sea-themed challenges: orienteering at sea, hunting for markers, coastal observation etc.

Nautical Treasure Hunt

Ride the waves in a semi-rigid dinghy towards an isle on the Var coast or in the bay of Cannes: once on dry land use teamwork, a map and clues picked up along the way to find the hidden treasure…

Calanques challenge

For a thrilling afternoon of fun, take a trip in a semi-rigid dinghy along the craggy Estérel or Marseille coastline and follow that up with an adventurous via cordata challenge set in exceptional scenery, overlooking the blue Mediterranean

Sea Kayak Rally

Navigate along the coastline from beach to beach and join in on a variety of challenges working as a team: solve nautical-themed puzzles, complete sporting and fun challenges….and even create a piece of “Land Art”

Nautical/Citroën 2CV rally

Half of the participants get on board semi-rigid dinghies and the other half behind the wheel of Citroën 2CVs. After lunch, the groups swap round for the return trip!