Conference in Bandol and the calanques of Cassis

The subsidiary of a world leader in management consulting entrusted Longitude 7 with the organization of their annual conference bringing together all of their consultants, near to Bandol and the creeks and coves (les calanques) of Cassis.

The objectives driving the conference were to bring together all of their consultants who, during the year were often away meeting clients, so that they could meet and discuss the past year; to thank them all for their day-to-day commitment to work and also to rally them around future goals set for the year ahead.

Longitude 7’s mission to organize this conference around Bandol and the calanques of Cassis involved reserving accommodation in a beautiful 4-star hotel overlooking the sea, with light and airy conference rooms (natural daylight) and terraces for sunset dinners, plus an evening with DJ music.

The team building activities were spread over 2 days: an initial half-day for a team challenge on a go-kart track, reserved entirely for the consultants, on a famous racing track up above Bandol and the next day, a sea discovery cruise on 9 semi-rigid inflatable boats exploring the magnificent coastline and creeks of Cassis and La Ciotat !

During the second day, participants had plenty of time to swim in the sea around the boats, in some fabulous spots hidden amongst the creeks and coves of Cassis….and not forgetting that lovely glass of chilled rosé whilst moored together at one of these dream places. Participants continued the day with a great lunch at one of Cassis’ well-known restaurants next to its picturesque little port.

The whole management team were quick to thank Longitude 7 for organizing their conference around Bandol and the calanques of Cassis: for the flawless organization of this event that included a perfect blend of work, relaxation, exploration and team building in a truly magnificent setting that left participants totally fired up!