Conference in the Camargue

A technical department of one of France’s leading construction companies chose Longitude 7 to organize their conference for 110 participants in the Camargue.

The conference had a number of goals: to help place emphasis on wellbeing in the workplace, teach relaxation techniques, show how to stoke energy reserves, whilst providing a bonding, team-building experience in a get-away-from-it all, exclusive location.

Longitude 7 proposed reserving a magnificent domain in the Camargue that would be fully privatized for the group during their conference.

Day 1: expert advice from a coach specializing in well-being within the workplace, with practical workshops on breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and fabulous outdoor massages in nature; exploration of the 2000-hectare domain to discover Camargue fauna and flora on horseback or mountain bike depending on guests’ own preferences; pre-dinner drinks outdoors with some of the local specialty, “mouclade” (a mussel-based dish); a demonstration of skills by talented, acrobatic razeteurs in the domain’s own arena; music from a group of gypsy players and dancers; a superb gala dinner with a magician and hypnotist.. plus, an evening of DJ music.

Day 2: a demonstration of herding by guardians on horseback, followed by relaxation time on a fabulous, deserted beach accessible only by taking private pathways through the domain. Professional masseuses on hand for super-relaxing massages; swimming, games on the beach…and a giant paella-lunch served at tables nestling in the shade…..

This was a perfect venue for a total getaway, for exploring the more unique and authentic sides of the Camargue and for an introduction to some excellent relaxation techniques, plus valuable pointers on well-being in the workplace: this magnificent conference in the Camargue fulfilled all of the pre-determined goals, much to the satisfaction of the organizing team and all of the participants!