Team building challenge in the South of France

A Monegasque Company, a leader in the field of oil exploration, chose Longitude 7 to organize a one-day team building adventure challenge for 120 employees in the South of France!

The goal behind this team building adventure challenge in the South of France was to get numerous members of staff to actually meet in person, as, although they worked together as a team throughout the year, being based on different sites, they rarely physically met.

Participants were divided into teams, randomly selected by a lucky dip using different coloured bandanas. Once teams had built their own totem pole using the cardboard, scissors and felt-tipped pens provided, they then went head-to-head over different challenges requiring skill, reasoning, strategy, strength or resistance….with a view to scoring a maximum number of points and getting the most posts/poles in their team colours as possible, ready for the final challenge.
After also having tasted a number of crunchy, protein-packed insects and used their immunity necklaces for protection, teams all got together again for the famous final test. This team building adventure challenge in the South of France culminated in seeing how many posts each team had won and how many team members could compete depending on that! The famous final challenge, a remake of a well-known television game, gave everyone the chance to experience the adventure challenge right up to the very last moment…and live! 

The participants and directors of the Monagasque Company really thanked Longitude 7 for the seamless organization of their team building adventure challenge in the South of France, which had been brimming with good humour and amicable fun!