Création de court-métrage
Création de court métrage
Atelier théâtre

Corporate theatre and cinema workshop seminar

Using corporate theatre or cinema to explain essential changes, bring out objections or concerns perceptively, obtain approval through humour or poetry, unite all the teams around a shared production, etc. The applications of the theatre and the cinema to the corporate world are many and relevant. In the exceptional setting of the ProvenceAlpsRiviera region, the agency Longitude 7 will lend use its expertise in the organisation and production of your event, based on a privileged partnership with cinema professionals and specialist actors of the business theatre.

5 good reasons for choosing the business cinema and the theatre for your seminar, incentive or team building event in the Provence-Alps-Riviera region

  • The participants' expression through the mirror of theatre turns out very informative about concerns or reticence in the face of changes within the company

  • The sketches, played by a professional actor, humorously enable some of the foibles of life in the company to be singled out for criticism while never aiming at anyone in particular

  • An improvisation match portraying a new product enables everyone to unwind while staying within the theme of the meeting or team building activity

  • Shooting a film with a tailor-made script is an excellent medium to develop everyone's skills in aid of a joint piece of work

  • The number of open air theatres and the magnificent natural landscapes of the region offer numerous original places to act or film

Our favourite corporate theatre and cinema moments in the Provence-Alps-Riviera region

  • The exceptional view of the terraces on the stage of the open air theatre in Monaco, with the port and the yachts as a backdrop

  • The private hire of a real film set in Nice for a day's filming and dinner on the set after the last take

  • Tricks of the cinema trade such as inlaying a team member into a famous film, dubbing new dialogues over a legendary scene, provide a vehicle for humour and creativity while staying within the business world

  • The turmoil of the theatre ruling the streets of Avignon during the festival

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Atelier cinéma

Dubbing a cult film

After writing your own dialogue to cult cinema scenes, recording and viewing of Bourvil, Louis de Funès, Gabin and Morga etc., talking about your new product

Making a short film

Take turns to be actor, technician, director or cameraman, under the supervision of a cinema professional, everyone will play their part in the making of an action scene with shots and explosions!

Improvisation match

A theme, such as a new product to market, words that have to be used, short preparation time, then each team acts its theatrical sketch: creativity and humour essential!

The movie of your event

At the start of the seminar each team is given a camcorder to make a film of the event. Films are cut on the last night and shown at the closing ceremony

"Lip-dub" video clip

After choosing well-known song with a good rhythm everyone has to learn two verses, then prepare a script, shoot, view and put the video on-line