Discovery trail through the French Riviera

The entire team of an entity created to promote the French Riviera as a place for businesses to set themselves up, chose Longitude 7 to organize their annual team-building day.

The aim of this day was to create a greater sense of team spirit and to promote good relations between staff while enjoying exploring the less known backcountry of the French Riviera.

Longitude 7 devised a fun day on the road – a trail to explore the French Riviera. Participants travelled by coach and at each stop, teams headed off on foot (with a given time-frame), to explore the charms of the old town of Antibes and its ramparts, the lively square in the village of Valbonne or the magnificent perched villages of Mougins and Biot.

Whenever they stopped along the way on the Côte d’Azur discovery trail, participants could join in on a whole host of fun, sometimes lively challenges. They all enjoyed a fantastic day that not only had some cultural and fun touches, but also was set both on the coast and in the hills of the backcountry.

The whole Longitude 7 team received warm thanks for organizing this highly original discovery trail on the French Riviera that met all client expectations.