Massif de l'Estérel

50 staff, 1 day

Aim: Thank all staff for the results obtained and unite them around the company values

Day 1: Meeting for all participants at 08:30 precisely at the "office" in the centre of Sophia-Antiopolis, welcome by the Managing Director and the management team aroung a "small buffet breakfast" and team formation by drawing lots. Departure by coach, then ride and run orienteering course (3 mountain bikes between 5) in the Estérel Massif Buffet lunch on a beach on the Corniche d'Or followed by water Olympics, beach volley ball and prizes awarded to the winning team. Return to headquarters for 17:00, champagne and display of the trophy for a year in the reception hall. Congratulations and thanks from the managing director, end of the "working day" at 18:00!