Creating a fresco as a team

A leading company in the glass-manufacturing sector entrusted Longitude 7 with the organization of an activity to kick off its conference for 60 HR managers from various subsidiaries of the group.

The aim of the opening activity was to get participants to know each other, some of whom had never even met, and to get everyone as receptive as possible to the key message of the conference that focused on « innovation. »

Longitude 7 proposed a team-building activity around « Creating a personalized fresco” and supplied all necessary materials. Participants were divided into teams. 

To start, each team had to paint a giant letter over 8 individual frames, producing an original and “innovative” representation of the letter.

Then, a representative from each team would use a microphone to quickly explain the creative process behind how the letter was produced including any images that had inspired them.
Participants then gathered round and all of the letters were finally brought together to spell the mystery word: « INNOVATION ». 

At the end of the conference, everyone got to leave with one of the small frames that had made up the letters of the word « INNOVATION. » This had strong symbolic value, as each participant was an essential component of the overall spirit of innovation within the group.

The desired goal was achieved and the conference kicked off with some excellent team building. The « Creating a personalized fresco” activity allowed everyone to throw themselves wholeheartedly into the innovation sought and anticipated by the management team.