Rallye pédestre
Rallye en vélo
Rallye pédestre

Team building or incentive rally

Want to highlight the specific skills of each team member but also show how combined individual effort works towards the success of the entire team? Our experiential team building  & incentive rallies, set in the stunning Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region are perfect for you: in a team building rally you will typically have orienteering challenges, brain-teasers, recreational and creative activities, gastronomic workshops and cultural stopovers in an authentic village or historic town centre. Being based in the very heart of this beautiful region, Longitude 7 is perfectly poised to provide all the expertise you need for a themed rally on foot, by (mountain) bike or by virtually any other means of transport you can possibly think of!

5 good reasons to choose a rally on foot or by bike when planning your incentive or teambuilding programme in Provence-Côte d’Azur:

  • A rally on foot or by bike is a perfect way to explore places of interest, discover the outstanding features and traditions of a given town or region, whilst also including recreational and collaborative activities.

  • The theme, scenario and challenges are adapted to your company’s specific goal: launching a new product, putting across a particular message or simply inspiring team spirit.

  • A team building rally that is focused on a wide variety of challenges and tailored to the profile of participants encourages individuals to apply themselves for the good of the whole group.

  • Historic towns on the Côte d’Azur and in Provence like Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Marseille or Avignon are perfect places to plan rallies with no need for a transfer from the hotel where you are holding your conference

  • The sunny and clement Mediterranean climate lends itself to rallies on foot or by bike, be they in town or in the countryside…..practically all the year round.

Some of our favourite rallies on foot or by bike in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region:

  •  “Bike.” A bicycle rally in the astonishing seaside resort of Antibes Juan-les-Pins made famous by the “Golden Twenties.”  Tour the fabulous Cap d’Antibes, have fun with the “Jazz in Juan” quiz on the well-known Pinède Gould square, take a break to sample some local gastronomy, try your hand at a game of pétanque, test your artistic skills…..

  •  “ The Art of Pagnol living.”  This rally on foot takes you through the Panier historic quarter in Marseille: join in on a series of different challenges all based on Provencal traditions, set against a picture-postcard backdrop and with a common theme – Marcel Pagnol, the legendary figure of the City of Marseille…

  • “Behind the scenes at the Festival.” Discover the splendour of Cannes, veritable starlet of the French Riviera: get involved in film-based challenges in the luxury hotels on the famous Croisette, walk the red carpet of the Palais des Festivals and enjoy 100% “glam” surprises….

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Rallye en vélo

Mountain bike rally

A rally on mountain bikes on a Mediterranean island or on e-bikes in the Provencal hinterland.  Get your brain in gear for themed quizzes and games whilst exploring some breathtaking scenery…

James Bond rally

In true 007 fashion…. teams pitch themselves against each other in a series of fun, sporty challenges, with that all-important sense of fair play and stiff upper lip….

Provencal rally

Explore the historic centre of a Mediterranean or Provencal town through a series of challenges that are 100% local in flavour: pétanque, local gastronomic specialties, perfumery…..

Tablet rally

Teams will each have an electronic tablet and have to get to different sites to complete the tasks assigned to them: test your sense of observation, logic and creative flair…

Art & Culture rally

A rally on foot to discover the local history and culture of a town or village: themed activities focusing on local architecture, arts and crafts, galleries and exhibitions….