Team building Brazilian Samba percussion

A major Monegasque bank gave Longitude 7 the mission of organizing a conference for 120 senior staff. Longitude 7 successfully matched the hotel to the detailed required specifications, staying within the allocated budget and then, as per the client’s request, proposed a number of fun and rallying activities centred on art and music.

It was the Brazilian Samba percussion teambuilding activity that got the casting vote! When they arrived in the conference room in the morning, each of the 120 participants was given a typical Brazilian musical instrument. Eight experienced percussion performers helped everyone to get to know the instrument they had been given and to learn how to play a specific rhythm. The goal behind this Brazilian Samba percussion teambuilding activity was, rather like in the workplace, to get everyone to play their part at the right moment and to work as a team to produce a piece with a definite rhythm: a coming-together of all of the individual instruments at the right tempo, orchestrating a lively and harmonious, authentic samba / reggae sound!

Slowly but surely, the individual percussion instruments began to work together and the beat started to emerge, building to a performance that impressed the whole team, with perfectly orchestrated breaks and a gradual but powerful crescendo. Participants were so pleased with themselves that they couldn’t stop clapping when they had finished the piece!
The finished product and the collective commitment of everyone made it possible to meet the desired goal whilst also allowing each participant to enjoy a really fun, relaxed and entertaining time..all set to the rhythm of the Samba!

Longitude 7 received “resounding” thanks from all of the participants for organizing this Brazilian Samba percussion teambuilding activity!