Formation et coaching
Formation et coaching
Formation et coaching

Coaching meeting in Provence & French Riviera

Some keys to a successful indoor / outdoor training or coaching meeting

  • To create the effect of a break from office routine and thus encourage open-mindedness and creativity in participants, choose a destination and meeting location that is very different from the work environment that the training meeting participants are used to

  • Support the trainer or coach responsible for the training content of the meeting by bringing in a well-known charismatic personality from the world of sport, entertainment or business management, whose stories and enthusiasm will enrich the key-messages of the training or coaching programme

  • To increase everyone's active participation and encourage discussion and assimilation of the learning objectives, some concepts and tools tackled in the training may be transposed into specific team building activities (team challenge, sailing regatta, etc.), which can then be analysed, explained from a different angle and discussed in teams

Good reasons for organising your indoor / outdoor training or coaching meeting on the French Riviera, in Provence or the Southern Alps

  • A leading region in the fields of research and training, home in particular to the first European research and advanced technology town, Sophia Antipolis, and possessing a very dense distribution of training and coaching offices able to play a role in the most varied fields: personnel development, communication, sales techniques, management and leadership, etc.

  • Numerous comfortable and original locations nestling in a calm, relaxed environment, perfectly suited to the organisation of a training or coaching meeting: castle vineyard in the heart of Provence, high mountain chalet in the French Southern Alps, charming hotel on a small island on the French Riviera, etc.

  • An exceptional natural and cultural environment offering a host of team building activities to support the educational content of the training or coaching meeting: team challenges and sporting activities, fitness activities and artistic activities, themed culture and gastronomy workshops, role play as part of cocktail parties and games evenings

The added value we bring to the organisation of your indoor / outdoor training or coaching meeting on the French Riviera, in Provence or the Southern Alps

  • Managerial experience of the two Longitude 7 directors, both from the business world (Gillette, Braun, Lego, Terres d'Aventures, etc.), and therefore perfectly qualified to understand your aims and your expectations, and thus best equipped to respond to them when organising a meeting

  • Our close partnership with the training bodies, the best qualified professional coaches and speakers from the world of sport and management, ensures perfect integration of the educational modules, team building activities and social moments around a balanced, consistent and therefore more effective programme

  •  Organisation of all the event logistics especially transfers and selection of the most suitable hotels, meeting rooms, restaurants and party venues for the programme, spirit and budget of your training or coaching meeting.

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Formation et coaching

Off-shore coaching

The presence of a famous charismatic skipper at your meeting and private use of a Vendee Globe boat for an exceptional day's sailing and coaching in his company

Stress management

Workshop to learn and try out relaxation techniques so you will be better able to manage stress in your everyday life: breathing techniques, yoga positions, exercises, self-massage, etc.

Adaptation" trip"

Orienteering on snowshoes in the mountains, trappers' dinner and building igloos to spend the night in, then coaching session on notions of change and adaptation to any new environment

Improvisation match

A theme is given, such as a new product to market, a solid argument to develop, and then after a short preparation time each team performs its theatre sketch: method, humour and creativity essential!